Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Icann, 101domain and / dot science limited are asked to comment on this blog, 7 January 2015

Dear and dot science limited, and

Please comment on my just made blog:

Is anything incorrect on the blog?


It is January 7, 2015, if you do not respond within a reasonable time frame, let us say 2 weeks = 14 days = 21 January 2015, I will have to assume you agree with the facts stated on the blogspot.

Yours sincerely,

Dr JP Blankert - - 7 January 2015 - regarding the that, dot science ltd, and Icann stole from me during the early landrush 1-2 January 2015 organised by stopped the early landrush 8 hours before its end and gave the domain name to does not respond to anything.

That is the way things go with Icann and - you are warned. Seek the alt web and deep web.

ICANN is corrupted - first example in 2015

ICANN is corrupted - first example in 2015 is totally corrupted. Do NOT trust Icann, do not pay for new extensions etc.

Here is a 2015 domain name theft by registry dot Science Limited and, backed up by ICANN.

Begin August 13, 2014, I, Philippe Blankert, as individual preregistered at promised an early landrush - and I paid for that.

The early landrush took place on January 1-2 , 2015. However, 8 hours before end of early landrush, so UTC time 18 hrs on 2 January 2015, messaged me that registry dot science limited wanted to stop the early landrush, and wanted to reserve the domain name for itself.

Icann was notified by me, asked for a response, claim etc., but Icann did not respond.

Icann obviously is corrupted too, and backs op dot science limited

That is the standard contract between Icann and registries. Look at article 3.1: 'open and transparent'.

This process is not open and transparent, and Icann is TOO WEAK to intervene.

Icann for me totally lost its authority, justicy is nowhere to be found.

Last step: I will try

Tip: never trust and certainly not dot science limited.

Do not pay for a new domain extension at Icann - they are overpriced and besides totally corrupted.

Think of the deep web, alternative root zone etc.

With Icann, also US totally lost its credibility for me. US and Icann (Icann is 100% US ministry) like to play police of the world in Asia, Middle East etc but are totally corrupted internally, they cannot even guarantee a just and contract procedure for the obtaining of new domain names.

Sack them all.

Dr. Philippe Blankert - 7 January 2015 -

PS: dot science limited is managed by: - that are the real crooks - to all involved in new domain names: avoid those crooks.