Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Icann, 101domain and / dot science limited are asked to comment on this blog, 7 January 2015

Dear and dot science limited, and

Please comment on my just made blog:

Is anything incorrect on the blog?


It is January 7, 2015, if you do not respond within a reasonable time frame, let us say 2 weeks = 14 days = 21 January 2015, I will have to assume you agree with the facts stated on the blogspot.

Yours sincerely,

Dr JP Blankert - - 7 January 2015 - regarding the that, dot science ltd, and Icann stole from me during the early landrush 1-2 January 2015 organised by stopped the early landrush 8 hours before its end and gave the domain name to does not respond to anything.

That is the way things go with Icann and - you are warned. Seek the alt web and deep web.

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